Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sharif Don't Like It...Rock the Blue Casbah

While visiting our local nursery (H&H in Bellflower), Steph and I happened upon this awesome plant called "Blue Casbah", which is also called "Moroccan Glory Vine".  We took the little guy home as a ground cover, not knowing exactly what to expect.  Here it is at time of planting:

At first we had planted this next to a couple of Begonia richmondensis, one on each side.  The one to the right did not fair well, but the one on the left thrived.

Later on, wanting to really fill the area in, I dropped in a bunch of Snapdragon "magic carpet" seedlings to awesome effect.

The Blue Casbah is absolutely the focal point here, and it does a great job, blooming "nearly" year-round in Southern California.  It has proven to be the most durable and beautiful of plants, handling the heat quite well and not requiring any deadheading whatsoever.

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